Exterior entrance to a basement or cellar


Let’s face it: building an exterior entrance to a basement or cellar requires a significant financial investment. But thanks to Cam Construction’s sound advice, you can prevent mistakes that lead to unnecessary additional costs.

How do our experts rebuild exterior basement or cellar entrances?

- Carry out excavation work
- Build a foundation
- Build a frame with door and coating
- Pour concrete
- Install a French drain and a membrane

Building an exterior entrance for a basement or cellar is somewhat like building a small house.


As you can see, it’s a colossal task. For this reason, before performing any work in your yard, you need to check the state of your cellar entrance. If it needs to be redone in the short or medium term, leave all landscaping, balcony and shed repair, new terrace, and fence-building projects for later. Why? Because building a cellar entrance is a task that requires the use of methods and equipment that will cause damage to surrounding structures. Get the cellar entrance built first, then turn your attention to landscaping or fencing or another project.


Cam Construction provides you with the followings expert services :

Foundation repairs
- Concrete resurfacing
- Concrete retaining walls

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