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Concrete repair in Montreal

Concrete repair in Montreal


Concrete is an appealing choice on every front! The use of concrete has many advantages. It’s cost-effective, durable, and high-performance, making it one of the most frequently used materials in the construction sector. In addition, its uniform character and varied applications make it very popular and particularly appreciated by architects, who can give free rein to their creativity.

However, over time, weather conditions, salt, and frost can damage concrete. If you don’t address these problems, they will progressively turn into hazards and put the building’s stability at risk. Likewise, cement plaster applied to a surface sometimes needs to be redone to prevent lifting. Whether the damage is superficial or severe, it is necessary to take appropriate action before water starts seeping in and causes the concrete to crack.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Cam Construction has an experienced team specialized in the repair and construction of various concrete structures.


Cam Construction provides you with the followings expert services :

Foundation repairs
- Concrete resurfacing
- Basement entrance
- Concrete retaining walls

Exemple de travaux réalisé par notre équipe d'expert cimentier

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