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Foundation repair in Montreal

Foundation repair in Montreal


Foundations are often a neglected building component. They disappear from view post-construction, but their role remains critical since they support the structure and transfer its weight to the ground.

Over time, cracks form in the foundation, particularly due to concrete shrinkage, poor initial compaction, the freeze-and-thaw cycle, presence of pyrite, poor drainage, dry soil, vibrations in the ground due to passing vehicles, construction work, and earth tremors, and so on.

The progressive crumbling of your home’s foundation can lead to the following problems: excess humidity, mould and mildew, water and/or gas seepage, and insect infestation.

You can rely at all times on Cam Construction’s foundation-repair specialists to resolve these issues. They are very experienced and meticulous in their work. They deliver an honest diagnosis of your foundation’s condition and perform needed repairs (both minor and major) safely and effectively.


Since the 1920s, stone, cement, and combinations of both are used to build foundations. Conditions permitting, a concrete foundation can be repaired by building an adjacent foundation.

Cam Construction provides you with the followings expert services :

Foundation crack repairs
Foundation waterproofing
French drain installation
Rubble foundation

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