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Water infiltration

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We have the solution to your water infiltration problems!


Water infiltration is a complex issue because the source of the problem may be located in several places: the roof, parapets, exterior cladding, foundation, doors and windows, etc. Sometimes, the source of the water infiltration problem is easy to identify, but often it isn’t. This is why CAM CONSTRUCTION is your best ally.

With our expertise, we can identify the source of the water infiltration. And since we have all the technical skills to repair water infiltration problems, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by calling us for an evaluation of the situation.

Customers who are dealing with water infiltration problems have contacted us after consulting many other experts, desperate for their problem to be solved. CAM CONSTRUCTION doesn’t claim to be perfect, but we have an excellent batting average in solving water infiltration problems. After an evaluation by our experts, we can clearly explain to you how we can fix your water infiltration problem. We’ll give you a quote including a guarantee and our experts can then repair the water infiltration. A turnkey solution that will let you sleep easy. Contact CAM CONSTRUCTION now and say goodbye to water infiltration problems once and for all!


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