About us

Cam Construction Enterprises, is above all, the story of one large team composed of multiple skilled women and men, united by a common vision and identical values.

It is through its employees, collaborators, and executive members, who all advocate sound management, that Cam Construction Enterprises have acquired their notoriety. A leader in exterior renovations, it offers both a “customer experience” and an “employee experience”.

Thanks to its avant-garde approach, the company invests in its employees by offering a continuing professional development, a healthy workplace environment focused on well-being and strengthened by a cultural and generational diversity. Very concerned with the health and safety of its employees, the company has implemented clear policies as well as state-of-the-art equipment meeting the most demanding standards in terms of health and safety in a workplace.

Ethics, transparency, integrity and respect are an integral part of the “customer experience” and the core values of the company. Our company differentiates itself by its customer service, its well designed and properly executed work, and the quality of the materials chosen. It offers a turnkey service by a multidisciplinary team concerned about its environment and the quality of support provided to its customers. We have a team of more than 50 involved and experienced employees who throughout the years have developed their creativity and know-how.