Quality architect plans

Customized plans and flexible solutions

For all your renovation, expansion or reconstruction projects requiring the expertise of an architect, you may be tempted to hire an independent firm. However, the more people you involve, the more complex the project will be to manage. That is why Cam Construction provides a full-service offer.
If your project requires the involvement of an architect or an equally qualified structural engineer, you can count on Cam Construction’s know-how. Our team has been working closely with the same specialists for over 15 years and ensures you total and sustainable satisfaction.

Take note that the law requires the involvement of an architect in the following cases:

Our architect always assesses our customer’s needs first and addresses all geographical, environmental, social, cultural, and technical factors. Your building must blend in well with its surroundings while being both unique and fully customized.

Our architect designs a plan that combines solidity, functionality, and beauty within your stated budget.