Concrete resurfacing in Montreal

Concrete resurfacing

Want to refresh your concrete structures quickly at an attractive price?

Cam Construction can help thanks to its crack-repair techniques using epoxy cement and protection solutions such as concrete paint, epoxy coating, and concrete sealer.

Here’s how our experts repair your concrete:

  • Remove a 2 to 3-inch layer of concrete
  • Embed anchors in the remaining concrete
  • Break up and remove the concrete
  • Build formwork in which to pour the new concrete structure
  • Pour fresh concrete that bonds well with the existing dry concrete

Avoid short-term solutions

Cam Construction strongly advises against removing a shallow layer of soft concrete to replace it with fresh concrete. The results of this approach may look good and work in the short term, but you’ll have to redo the work in less than four years. Go with a long-term and cost-effective solution: professional concrete resurfacing.

No worries about

Obtaining permits

The regulations

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