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Bulging walls

Bulging walls


Are the bricks or stones in your exterior façade bulging out? Is the problem at the top or at the bottom of the wall? In the former case, it’s water seepage; in the latter, it’s a problem with the foundations.

Bulging in walls is often caused by rust at the level of the anchors or deterioration of the mortar and joints as well as the presence of cracks. Whatever the cause, you must take the problem seriously, because a bulging may collapse.

Bulging walls

How do our experts repair bulging walls?

- Take down the wall made of bricks or stones
- Clean the bricks or stones
- Put the clean bricks or stones back in place with galvanized steel anchors


Cam Construction provides you with the followings expert services :

- Brick repointing
- Masonry cleaning
- Stone cleaning and restauration
− Partial or complete renovation of a wall
− Lintel replacement
− Sill replacement

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